Easter Balloons in London Ontario

McCullochs Balloon Center has a large selection of Easter Balloons in London Ontario. Visit our Easter balloon page to view our selection. Choose from themed balloon bouquets or an Easter Surprise Stuffed Balloon.

Imagine the surprise on their face when they find the Easter Bunny has delivered their candy in a Stuffed Balloon. Bring your easter candy to McCullochs Balloon Center before Easter and we’ll put it inside a Stuffed Balloon in time for Easter. We offer both standard sized and deluxe easter balloon options. Each stuffed balloon features coloured balloons and easter grass.

London Ontario Easter Balloons
We’ll put your Candy in a Stuffed Balloon for an Easter Morning Surprise

Options for Easter Balloons in London Ontario

Decorative Easter Balloons have become a popular way to bring something new to Easter Morning. Like Rabbits? Choose from a large air walker version of Bugs Bunny. We also have a series of extra adorable Easter Rabbits. This includes our Airloonz Easter Bunny. Additionally we have colourful easter egg shaped balloons.

In addition to our stuffed Easter Surprise Candy balloon we offer plush animals in balloons. Choose a Pocket Pal character or browse our selection of larger plush animals.

Stuffed Balloons in London Ontario
Stuffed Balloons make great Easter Gifts

Supplies are limited each year. Therefore booking early is highly recommended. We offer citywide delivery in London.

Easter Candy Cups

Our Easter Candy Cups range from $9.99 to $19.99. The smaller candy cup features either an adorable Bunny head topper or Duckie topper. Choose from a variety of candy options.

Easter Candy Cups from McCullochs Balloon Center in London Ontario
Candy Cups for Easter

Visit us online or at 1140 Dundas Street for Easter Balloons in London Ontario. You can call us at 519 659 3787

Michael Myers Collectors Masks

The Halloween film franchise continues to grow. Halloween Kills will be released in 2021. Halloween Ends debuts in 2022. The series has created interest for “The Shape”. Therefore Michael Myers Collectors Masks remain popular with horror collectors. The mask started as a used William Shatner Halloween mask. It was found at a thrift shop. Sequels and reboot films each featured different variations of the famous mask. Because a demand exists, costume shops like McCulloch’s Costume stock multiple collectors editions of ” The Shape”.

The most popular replicas of the mask are produced at Trick or Treat Studios. They’re the major manufacturer of the famous Mask. They produce masks from all the films.

Michael Myers Collectors Series Masks in London Ontario Canada

McCulloch’s Costume has been a source for horror film collectors for decades. They specialize in costume supplies and are open all year. Therefore they are popular with film fans and mask collectors.

The original Michael Myers Mask story.

The Shape mask was originally a 1975 William Shatner mask. It was a Star Trek Captain Kirk Halloween Mask and was purchased for a dollar. The eyebrows and sideburns were removed. Then the face was painted white. Additionally, the hair was spray-painted brown, and the eyes were opened up with scissors.

Since then every mask used in the films has been done in this design. William Shatner had no idea his likeness was used. He only learned about it during an interview. Eventually, Shatner wore one of the Michael Myers Halloween Masks as a joke. He wore it while trick or treating with his children. The mask remains popular with film fans. Therefore, Trick or Treat Studios continues to mass-produce affordable replicas of the mask. Deluxe, collectible masks are also available. McCullochs Costume is a Trick or Studios distributor. The costume store stocks many versions of the mask.

Michael Myers Halloween Masks
Various Michael Meyers Masks Available in Canada

The Halloween film franchise.

The Halloween film franchise began with John Carpenters Halloween. It was a huge success. Its sequel was Halloween 2. The 3rd film was Halloween 3. It did not include the Michael Myers character. It was not a financial success. Therefore all remaining films in the series focused on the terror caused by Michael Myers. They have been successful at the box office.

Halloween 4 The Return was the first to bring Myers back. Because it was successful, it was followed by Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers. In 1998, The 20th anniversary of the original film was celebrated with Halloween H20. Then, 4 years later brought us Halloween Resurrection.

Rob Zombie presented reboots titled Halloween and Halloween 2 in 2007 and 2009. David Gordon Greens Halloween was released in 2018. Because the film series remains so popular 2 additional Halloween movies are planned for release.

For more information about collectible Michael Myers Halloween Masks visit McCulloch’s Costumes online or in person at 1140 Dundas St. London Ontario Canada.

Cosplayers Suit Up For Jack

Cosplay is the art or practice of wearing costumes to portray characters from comics, films, animation, and science fiction. Comic conventions have boomed in popularity recently and “cosplay” – dressing up as a favorite character – is becoming more than just a hobby to many people. Now Cosplayers Suit Up For Jack. #SuitUpForJack is a trending blood donor campaign where people donate blood in costume. In addition to full costumes, participants can also choose to simply wear cosplay-inspired T-Shirts.

The Suit Up For Jack campaign was inspired by 12-year-old Jack Malott-Clarke. Jack was an avid cosplayer and attended numerous comic con type events in costume. However, Jack had to pause his cosplay when he was diagnosed at age 10 with Severe Aplastic Anaemia. Additionally, a year later he was also diagnosed with Paroxysmal nocturnal hemoglobinuria. Because this serious condition affects the body’s ability to make healthy blood, it means his bone marrow is empty.

Suit Up for Jack Blood Donor Campaign
Suit up for Jack with a superhero T-Shirt

Because of his condition, to date, Jack has required 132 units of blood and platelets. He has become an advocate for Canadian Blood Services. The #suitupforjack campaign was created to encourage blood donation to help others. According to Jack, “That’s what superheroes do!”

A Superhero Campaign is born and Cosplayers Suit Up For Jack.

The campaign began in Jack’s hometown of London, Ontario. McCulloch’s Costume Shop is also based in London. They created the campaign when they saw a CTV news feature on Jacks’s story and thought a good way to support Jack was to inspire fellow cosplayers to donate blood.

You only have to look at some of the costumes to realize the effort that people put into them. Cosplay has grown up. It’s an art, a hobby, and a creative pursuit. For an increasing number of people, it’s a way of life. Many Cosplayers make appearances in costume at charitable, private, and corporate events. Now that cosplayers are suiting up for Jack their creativity redirected to promoting the cause.

People who don’t wish to donate in full costume can simply wear a superhero inspired T-Shirt while donating.

Mothers Day Balloon Bouquets

Don’t forget Mom this Mother’s Day. McCullochs Balloon Center has a selection of Mothers Day balloon bouquets in London Ontario.

For many people, Mother’s Day is a joyous occasion. Each May they recognize their mothers. The day is often marked by flowers, cards, and various gifts. Balloon Bouquets and arrangements have become popular expressions of love on Mothers Day. For this reason, the balloon center at McCullochs features multiple balloon arrangements. These are designed specifically for mom. Pricing ranges from $14.99 to $49.99. The $19.99 Candy Cup Bouquet is a top seller. Choose from over 7 balloon bouquet options.

This year has been a busy year for pre-orders. According to Rose McCulloch sales are up. Rose and her husband are the store’s owners. “Covid lockdowns are preventing many in-person mothers’ day visits. Therefore people are relying more on delivery services to deliver their mother’s day gifts. They’re looking for options other than traditional flowers and cards.”

Balloon Arrangements for Mothers Day in London.

This means Balloons are a popular alternative. “Our last balloon promotion sold out. For this reason, it’s recommended that you reserve early.” says Rose. McCullochs offers balloon delivery citywide in London. In addition, balloons can also be picked up curbside during Ontario lockdown.

Assortment of London Ontario Mothers Day Balloons
Mothers Day Balloon Arrangements in London Ontario

How Mothers Day began.

Anna Reeves Jarvis is most often credited with founding Mother’s Day. Her mother died on May 9, 1905. Jarvis set out to create a day that would honor her mother. In addition, the day was meant to honor all mothers.

She began the movement in West Virginia. In 1914, President Woodrow Wilson signed a bill recognizing Jarvis’ idea. It then became a national holiday to be celebrated each second Sunday in May.

Mother’s Day is a $25 billion holiday in North America. People spend more than $5 billion on jewelry alone. In addition, they spend nearly $843 million on cards. This is according to data published in 2019.

Looking for more information on Mothers Day Balloons? Call McCullochs at 519 659 3787. You can also visit their balloon store website.

Easter Bunny Costume in London

Since 1962, McCullochs Costume has been the largest renter of Easter Bunny Costumes in London Ontario. In fact, most of the Peter Rabbits hopping around London during Easter in London come from McCullochs. Many Londoners are choosing to purchase their own personal Easter Bunny Costume. Now you can. McCulloch’s offers a quality Easter Bunny suit for sale. As of Easter 2021, the price was $124.99. You can view it on their online catalog here.

The adult-sized rabbit costume includes a plush jumpsuit. Its attached mittens have hidden openings. This makes it easy to grab items with your hand if needed. The head portion of the bunny costume has see-through mesh in the eyes for proper vision. Foot coverings are also included.

Easter Bunny Costume in London Ontario
Now available from McCullochs Costume in London. This Easter Bunny costume fits most adults. Only $124.99

Imagine the faces of family members and children as the Easter Bunny makes a personal appearance. With proper care, this costume will last for many years of easter fun. Therefore it’s a great investment at $124.99.

You may wish to try the costume on before purchase to ensure a proper fit. The staff at McCulloch’s Costume are happy to assist. Drop in the store at 1140 Dundas St. in London. You can use of their change rooms to try any costume on before purchase.

The Easter Bunny Costume Experts

Customers from across Southwestern Ontario have purchased or rented Easter costumes from McCullochs. This includes cities like Chatham, Windsor, Sarnia, Woodstock and St. Thomas.

If you are wondering ” Who sells easter bunny costumes in London Ontario?” the answer is McCullochs Costume and Party Supply. Visit the store in person or shop online via our online catalog. Give us a call at 519 659 3787 and we will be happy to answer any Easter Bunny costumes questions you may have. Happy Easter!

Dinosaur Balloon in London

If you are looking to create a Jurassic Park feeling for a birthday party? Looking for a Dinosaur Balloon in London Ontario? Then visit McCullochs Balloon Center. Their tyrannosaurus balloon stands at 5 ft tall. ( 1.52 meters ) This fearsome T-Rex is part of the airwalker balloon series.

These incredible balloons are filled with helium which allows them to stand upright. However.. they have weighted feet. Therefore they stay grounded while standing upwards.

Large Dinosaur Balloon in London Ontario
T-Rex Dinosaur Balloon in London Ontario

Airwalker balloons are available in a variety of characters. The most popular are based on famous cartoon characters. These include Hello Kitty, Sesame Street’s Elmo, Mickey Mouse and the Minions.

If you are a Star Wars fan you will find life-sized R2D2 and Stormtrooper Balloons at McCullochs. You will also find superheroes in the Airwalker series. These include Spiderman, Batman, and Bumblebee from the Transformers.

Mr Incredible Balloon
Life sized The Incredibles Balloon in London Ontario

If you are a Disney Pixar fan you’ll find Buzz Lightyear, Dory, Frozen characters and Mr Incredible in the lineup.

Airwalkers are giant balloons made of durable foil and shaped like your favorite cartoon character or superhero. These large balloons “walk” or “glide” with you. When you pull on their string they follow along with you. The helium in them keeps them upright and weighted feet keep them gently touching the floor.

Visit McCullochs Balloon Center at 1140 Dundas to browse their large selection of Airwalker balloons. McCullochs offers Same Day Service. Therefore Walk in’s are welcome. Balloon Delivery is available. 519 659 3787

Easter Balloons in London

Celebrate the holiday with Easter balloons in London. McCulloch’s Balloon Center has a variety of Easter-themed balloon bouquets. Send someone, you love a balloon bouquet of Easter fun. Choose from an easter bunny-themed bouquet, stuffed balloons, or an easter egg balloon bouquet. McCulloch’s can create a custom bouquet for you.

Balloon delivery is available throughout London. This includes the surrounding area such as Lambeth, Thorndale, Hyde Park, Ingersoll, and St Thomas. Covid restrictions are limiting family gatherings at Easter in 2021. Therefore sending a balloon bouquet for Easter has become a popular alternative to an in-person visit.

If you are wondering who delivers balloons for easter in London, look no further. McCulloch’s Balloon Center is London’s largest Balloon store/delivery service. This means they feature custom balloon arrangements for any holiday season.

Easter Balloon Arrangement Options

The Stuffed Easter Balloons are large balloons that contain a plush animal, coloured easter basket shred, and candy Easter eggs. You can purchase a plush animal from McCulloch’s. You can also bring your own in to be added to the balloon. Additionally, any object can be placed inside the balloon as long as it fits. You can add candy, additional balloons, or toys.

Stuffed Balloons at McCulloch’s Balloon Center in London Ontario.

Peter Rabbit, baby chicks, and decorative eggs are part of Easter. Therefore we made sure to include all of them in our easter balloon decor. Our Easter Bunny bouquet consists of all mylar balloons decorated in bunny rabbits and baby chicks. You can also add latex balloons to this bouquet.

Our Easter Egg Bouquet is an arrangement of large colourful mylar decorated balloon eggs. Should you wish, you can add a candy weight to either bouquet to replace the standard balloon bouquet weight.

The balloon store is closed on Good Friday and Easter Monday. For this reason, ordering early ahead of Easter is recommended.

Easter Balloons in London
Balloons for Easter in London Ontario

Call McCullochs at 519 659 3787 for more information. Additionally, you can visit us in person at 1140 Dundas St. in London.

Large Car Bows in London

McCulloch’s Party Supply has several large car bows in London Ontario. Visit us at 1140 Dundas in London or shop online. These giant gift bows are available in red, silver, and gold. The big bows are 25 inches in size and have 30-inch tails. They are the perfect bow for many large gifts. This includes all Cars, Motorbikes, Push Bikes, Scooters, Mopeds, Caravans, Trampolines, Climbing Frames, Large TV’s, or any other Extra Large Gifts.

Are you planning to give a large gift to that special someone this year? If so you will definitely need a new 25″ large bow!  It has a powerful, no scratch magnet. Therefore it is perfect for a certain something with four wheels that may be hiding in a garage. However, it will work for any big surprise you are planning! It comes assembled in the box.

Giant Gift Bow
Giant Bow for Cars or other large gifts.

You will often see large red car bows at car dealerships. However, you can visit McCulloch’s Party Supply for large car bows in London Ontario. Our large bows have a holographic look to them that creates a special look. In addition to oversized gift bows, you can select from special balloon bouquets to celebrate a large gift. Our balloon center has many custom balloon bouquets that can be created to match your gift’s theme.

Shop our online catalog or visit us in person. 519 659 3787

Giant Gift Bow in London
Extra Large Gift Bow

Magic Sets in London Ontario

Visit McCulloch’s Magic Counter for magic sets in London Ontario. The store offers magic tricks for both amateur and professional magicians. Everyone needs to start someplace. For this reason, McCullochs has all 12 of the Empire Magic Collection in stock. These beginner kits are recommended for those interested in learning magic tricks. Visit the store’s magic counter at 1140 Dundas St. in London or shop online.

Many professional magicians speak of how they started in magic with the gift of a magic kit for Christmas when they were young. This includes famous magicians David Copperfield and Criss Angel. The Empire Magic Sets each feature 4 easy to do magic tricks.

The magic set collection include the following tricks and illusions.

Empire Collection Magic Sets available at McCullochs in London

Empire Set #1 includes Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic money maker, and the crystal coin case. Magic Set #2 includes the crazy cube, ball and vase trick, penny to dime effect, and the coin slide. Set #3 includes the coin base, flying coins, block escape, and a zig-zag box. Magic Set #4 includes a coin tray, die tunnel, money to water, and a fortune card. The Empire Magic Collection #5 contains the jumping diamond rod ( also known as hot rod ), a coin nest, a card box and the coin coaster.

Beginners Magic Sets in London Ontario
3 of the 12 Magic Sets available from McCullochs in London Ontario

Empire Magic Set #6 includes my favorite rope trick, the zig-zag rope, color vision, and a magic drawer box. Set #7 contains Water In The News, Traveling Coins, Dizzy Compass and Stoplight. Magic Kit #8 includes Magic Lollipops, Magic Chain Escape, Spirit Slate, and a Magic Coin Bank. Empire Magic Collection #9 contains Magic Linking Rings, Magic Rope & Vase, Magic Card Frame, and the Magic Ball Escape. #10 includes Magic Eggs and Scarf, Floating Paper Clip, Magic Water Jug, and the Magic Coin Box.

The Empire Magic Collection #11 features Magic Racing Tube, Magic Miracle Dice, Magic Coin Paddle, and also the Magic Beads Illusion. The final set in the collection, #12 contains a Magic Crystal Box, Magic Rattle Bars, Magic Melting Coin, and the classic Magic Cups & Balls illusion.

All magic sets are recommended for ages 8 and up.

Beginners Magic in London Ontario
The Empire Magic Collection series of Magic sets.

New Years’ Activities in London

Celebrate New Years’ Activities in London in the safety of your home. New Years 2021 will be welcome as Canadians will be happy to leave 2020 behind them. With COVID restrictions in place, Londoners will be looking for new ways to celebrate the New Year at home. McCulloch’s Party Supply in London has a wide variety of celebration options.

McCulloch’s has always stocked New Year Party kits for 10, 25, 50,100 people or more. These kits contain New Years’ Hats, Tiaras, Noisemakers, and party leis. Home parties are a popular option in London this year. Family home parties can celebrate the New Year. In addition to our party kits, McCullochs has a bulk selection of New Year’s party hats, horns, streamers, decorations, and confetti cannons.

Because parties are smaller this year, you can purchase individual hats, horns, and supplies to fit your needs. If you only need 2 hats..just choose two hats. You can also mix and match your hats and decorations. Drop into McCulloch’s and choose from our bulk assortment of New Years’ party supplies.

New Year Hats and decorations in London Ontario
New Years Party Kits in London Ontario at McCulloch’s Party Supply.

The party supply store also offers all the popular New Years’ party items like balloon drops, decorations, banners, and confetti poppers to celebrate New Years’ activities in London. The store has several different themed Murder Mystery party games. Murder Mystery games provide hours of entertainment for families having New Year’s parties.

Explore your New Years’ activity options at McCulloch’s Costume and Party Supply in London. Visit us at 1140 Dundas Street or shop online.