Michael Myers Collectors Masks

The Halloween film franchise continues to grow. Halloween Kills will be released in 2021. Halloween Ends debuts in 2022. The series has created interest for “The Shape”. Therefore Michael Myers Collectors Masks remain popular with horror collectors. The mask started as a used William Shatner Halloween mask. It was found at a thrift shop. Sequels and reboot films each featured different variations of the famous mask. Because a demand exists, costume shops like McCulloch’s Costume stock multiple collectors editions of ” The Shape”.

The most popular replicas of the mask are produced at Trick or Treat Studios. They’re the major manufacturer of the famous Mask. They produce masks from all the films.

Michael Myers Collectors Series Masks in London Ontario Canada

McCulloch’s Costume has been a source for horror film collectors for decades. They specialize in costume supplies and are open all year. Therefore they are popular with film fans and mask collectors.

The original Michael Myers Mask story.

The Shape mask was originally a 1975 William Shatner mask. It was a Star Trek Captain Kirk Halloween Mask and was purchased for a dollar. The eyebrows and sideburns were removed. Then the face was painted white. Additionally, the hair was spray-painted brown, and the eyes were opened up with scissors.

Since then every mask used in the films has been done in this design. William Shatner had no idea his likeness was used. He only learned about it during an interview. Eventually, Shatner wore one of the Michael Myers Halloween Masks as a joke. He wore it while trick or treating with his children. The mask remains popular with film fans. Therefore, Trick or Treat Studios continues to mass-produce affordable replicas of the mask. Deluxe, collectible masks are also available. McCullochs Costume is a Trick or Studios distributor. The costume store stocks many versions of the mask.

Michael Myers Halloween Masks
Various Michael Meyers Masks Available in Canada

The Halloween film franchise.

The Halloween film franchise began with John Carpenters Halloween. It was a huge success. Its sequel was Halloween 2. The 3rd film was Halloween 3. It did not include the Michael Myers character. It was not a financial success. Therefore all remaining films in the series focused on the terror caused by Michael Myers. They have been successful at the box office.

Halloween 4 The Return was the first to bring Myers back. Because it was successful, it was followed by Halloween 5 The Revenge of Michael Myers. In 1998, The 20th anniversary of the original film was celebrated with Halloween H20. Then, 4 years later brought us Halloween Resurrection.

Rob Zombie presented reboots titled Halloween and Halloween 2 in 2007 and 2009. David Gordon Greens Halloween was released in 2018. Because the film series remains so popular 2 additional Halloween movies are planned for release.

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