Magic Sets in London Ontario

Visit McCulloch’s Magic Counter for magic sets in London Ontario. The store offers magic tricks for both amateur and professional magicians. Everyone needs to start someplace. For this reason, McCullochs has all 12 of the Empire Magic Collection in stock. These beginner kits are recommended for those interested in learning magic tricks. Visit the store’s magic counter at 1140 Dundas St. in London or shop online.

Many professional magicians speak of how they started in magic with the gift of a magic kit for Christmas when they were young. This includes famous magicians David Copperfield and Criss Angel. The Empire Magic Sets each feature 4 easy to do magic tricks.

The magic set collection include the following tricks and illusions.

Empire Collection Magic Sets available at McCullochs in London

Empire Set #1 includes Money Capsule, Snapper, Magic money maker, and the crystal coin case. Magic Set #2 includes the crazy cube, ball and vase trick, penny to dime effect, and the coin slide. Set #3 includes the coin base, flying coins, block escape, and a zig-zag box. Magic Set #4 includes a coin tray, die tunnel, money to water, and a fortune card. The Empire Magic Collection #5 contains the jumping diamond rod ( also known as hot rod ), a coin nest, a card box and the coin coaster.

Beginners Magic Sets in London Ontario
3 of the 12 Magic Sets available from McCullochs in London Ontario

Empire Magic Set #6 includes my favorite rope trick, the zig-zag rope, color vision, and a magic drawer box. Set #7 contains Water In The News, Traveling Coins, Dizzy Compass and Stoplight. Magic Kit #8 includes Magic Lollipops, Magic Chain Escape, Spirit Slate, and a Magic Coin Bank. Empire Magic Collection #9 contains Magic Linking Rings, Magic Rope & Vase, Magic Card Frame, and the Magic Ball Escape. #10 includes Magic Eggs and Scarf, Floating Paper Clip, Magic Water Jug, and the Magic Coin Box.

The Empire Magic Collection #11 features Magic Racing Tube, Magic Miracle Dice, Magic Coin Paddle, and also the Magic Beads Illusion. The final set in the collection, #12 contains a Magic Crystal Box, Magic Rattle Bars, Magic Melting Coin, and the classic Magic Cups & Balls illusion.

All magic sets are recommended for ages 8 and up.

Beginners Magic in London Ontario
The Empire Magic Collection series of Magic sets.